Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week - Day 4

I really enjoyed the time at VFW on Friday, I made a lot of beautiful friends and watched great shows, can't wait to share it with you guys!

My favourite show of the night, from the talented New York based designer Polar Thomson, I love all the strong colours and great details, especially that clear clutch with red branch!

Alex Liang, editor - in - Chief of KENTON Magazine, totally in love with this printed blazer!

Christina from Style Conformist  she was all over my VFW day one post, great style and super pretty hair!

Nicolette, personal stylist (on my right side) from www.nicolettepersonalstylist.com

My co-worker and fashion blogger Jenaly from In My Dreams I am so sorry that the picture was blurry but you can find more pretty pictures from Jenaly on her blog!

Felix Tavira, stylist and fashion writer, the most stylish of the night and always super nice!

We captured this guy on our way out so we didn't get a chance to know him but look his burgundy pants and matching shoes and folk printed socks!

Last but not the least, Britta Bisig from Vancouver Vogue  she was that girl wear the amazing orange cut-out dress in my day-one post!

After dinner at Minami Japanese restaurant Yaletown.

Finally, the last picture for my cute photographer, styled by me <3!


  1. Love your unique style!Love your shoes and the bag omg <3 You are so stylish <3

  2. Oh I absolutely love how you wore white stockings and chose a daring shaggy skirt! You look absolutely chic!


  3. Loved your outfit! You're so stylish! ♥


  4. love the pictures. to bad our picture didn't turn out better. oh well. I will get mine up soon!!!



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